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Need an efficient alternative to cleaning blocked drains and sewer lines?

Chemsearch has the answer with a new advanced sewer and drain cleaning compound.


Called ND-66 the compound is a fast and cost effective solution to drain cleaning. It's non-flammable formulation provides rapid removal of grease and oily debris which normally require physical removal to shift. The formula creates it's own heat to soften grease deposits then uses metallic chips to help agitate and loosen the blockage, unwanted material is then emulsified and carried out with a water flush.


Robert Epps, National Sales Manager for Chemsearch is excited about the new product.

"ND-66 works. We've had tremendous success with this product and the amount of downtime and frustration we've saved our customers has been phenomenal".


Not only will ND-66 clean the blockage but it's blue dye trace will enable checking downstream flow for further problems. Robert adds. "ND-66 will produce heat for a long period of time and will attack blockages further down the line. When used regularly, ND-66 aids in preventing problems caused by grease, oil, sludge, fibre and a host of organic matter". Most importantly ND-66 is easy to use, it requires no mixing and will not damage pipes, lines or plumbing fixtures.

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