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*** K Kube ***

New Fuel Quality Programme


The most advanced and comprehensive Fuel Quality Program.

Solving Common Drain Line Problems


Drain and Waste Water Maintenance System. 


The BioAmp™ is an innovative and automated systems for growing and applying bacteria that can degrade a wide range of organic matter present in wastewater systems. 


Take a look at our BioAmpTM Brochures and read Customer Testimonials.  

* BioAmp Drain Cobra *

Do you have problems with Drains and Waste Water Systems?


Introducing the BioAmp Drain Cobra an Advanced Drain and Waste System.

Rhino Filter Units

The Rhino Wet Waste Interceptor is a safe, reliable, cost effective and enviromentally friendly filtration systems that captures + 90% of wet waste solids and F.O.G's at source before they can enter drainage pipes or the public sewer system.

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